Nylon Zipper
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Nylon Zipper

Chief Zippers was established in 2019 and has today completed 1 years of powerful experience. We have made it our policy to keep ‘ Customer First ‘ and provide the best quality of products. We have manufacturing facilities which includes production of Polyester Mono-filament Yarn, Polyester Texturised Yarn, And entire range of


Zippers such as:


1. CFC No #3 with cord

2. CF No #3 without cord

3. CFC No #5

4. CFC No #7

5. CFC No #8

6. CFC No #10

7. Plastic Zipper No #5

8. Plastic Zipper No #8

9. Metal Zippers

10. Waterproof Zippers

11. Fire Retardant Zippers

When you place an inquiry with us, we shall send you the samples if you so require. We will give you the best and the lowest rates comparable to the best in the world. We deal with very comfortable payment terms. With our huge production capacity we can manufacture your goods very fast. We will deliver your goods at Panipat.

With our experience of 1 years we shall provide you with the best quality of products. We request you to have faith in our products and our highly capable management team.

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